EXTREME Logistics Operations
EXTREME Logistics Operations
Home Infrastructure


  • 2 distribution centers/warehouse in Guarulhos with approximately 140.000 sq feet with capability to receive 12.000 pallet positions;
  • Warehousing per pallet position, bins location, horizontal storage;
  • Docks with levelers and sideways for loading and unloading;
  • Celling of 12 meters high;
  • Truck fleet: trailer truck, double deck truck, medium size truck, delivery truck, van and pick-up truck;
  • Fleet management upon clients request;
  • Lifting with Munk trucks and cranes;
  • Warehouses with complete security infrastructure; 24/7 security, guardhouse armored, inbound and outbound control, surveillance digital cameras, trained personnel.
  • Health and safety department for quality labor welfare;
  • Insurance for warehousing and freight;
  • Office spaces for rental;
  • Risk management;
  • Fire Brigade;
  • RFID data collector and barcode collectors;
  • WMS with internet exchange and online control.


Extreme is continuously investing on IT improvements in order to automate process and services to accomplish more accuracy upon services and cargos, as well as, improving KPM and KPIs, beyond safety and speed of information.

  • Up to 90 surveillance cameras with web access recorded 24/7;
  • Wi-Fi connection covering operational sites;
  • Motorola Symbol barcode readers;
  • Computer servers with isolate backup;
  • Inovatech WMS system;
  • Clients web access;
  • EDI (Sawluz) – Interface programming ASN and NF;
  • Dedicated IT team working upon demand operational demands;
  • Interface development upon request.

Process and Control – Quality Department

Standard Operation Process developed according to clients’ needs in compliance with operational and commercial departments, the quality team is responsible for:

  • Operation Flows;
  • Operational and customer services procedures;
  • Responsibilities’ and cut offs;
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement);
  • Operations Layouts;
  • WMS customizations;
  • Standard Operation Process – SOP;
  • KPI’s and KPMs;
  • Internal audit procedures;
  • Improvement and action plans;
  • Non Conformity Reports;
  • Corrective and preventive actions plans;
  • Quick response form.
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