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Who We Are

Established in 2007, EXTREME was originally created to assist Argos Global Partner Services’ customers. Argos was the first company of the group established in 1998 specializing in complete supply chain solutions.

Due to the customization of its projects, Argos rapidly conquered the market being acknowledged as a high quality commercial partner. That opened to an expansion of the business due to its performance and its customer’s demands.

Extreme Logistics Operations was founded in 2007 when Argos also moved its headquarter from Sao Paulo to Guarulhos. Extreme was launched to offer the possibility of warehousing and distribution services to the Group.

Extreme also grew considerably and currently is a separate business unit, with its own identity, which develops several warehousing services, handling, picking, packing, transporting, lifting, in house logistics and distribution. In order to strengthen the quality of its services, Extreme has a workforce of specialized professionals. By adding them, Extreme has become a logistics operator that is extremely diverse.

The workgroup of the operational area, along with with the quality department aims to have continuous improvements and excellence in the services provided, developing process flows, monitoring the results through KPI’s and creating procedures focused on the operation, safety, transportation, customer service and sales.

Throughout the years, Extreme has been investing constantly in its infra-structure such as: warehouses, handling equipment, ERP and WMS systems, data collectors, wi-fi network, safety, training and human resources. Extreme is always seeking to fulfill its customers’ needs with superior quality of service.

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