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Our distribution centers and logistics operations are based on strategic locations to attend our customers providing an efficient, fast and high quality processes of warehousing and customer service, leveraging cost reductions on freight and operation.

We are flexible in order to set up operations close to our customers or around their acting markets.

Nowadays we store a wide variety of products since 1 gram up to 16 metric ton in different ways such as vertical, horizontal, blocked, bins and outdoor.


We provide the following services: unload of trucks and containers, receiving, check, cargo inspection, handling, labeling, picking, pack, preparation, order processing, kit assembly, packaging handling, weighting, cycle counting, physical inventory, loading of trucks and containers, cross docking and reverse logistics.

Insurance and Security

Our insurance policy covers claims for warehousing & transportation and our facilities are equipped with surveillance digital cameras, alarms and 24/7 security staff.

Customer Service

We support our clients providing a local customer service managing their customer’s orders and deliveries. We also coordinate the distribution and freights with our own trucks or truck companies.

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