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Extreme provides services for local and international companies distributing products and parts. The distribution service consist on cargo receiving, warehousing, picking, packing, labeling, orders processing, cross docking and freight with Van, Truck and Trailer Truck. The customer service and orders management are also offered by Extreme.

In House Logistics

Working inside customers’ facility, that can be a factory or a Distribution Center, providing human resource, expertise and handling equipment.


For automotive, capital goods and industrial companies we offer assembly services in order to reduce the bill of material, as well as, eliminating secondary production lines, which do not add any value to customers’ operation. This service also attend international clients, who do not have local operation in Brazil, but have a need to accomplish local assemblies reducing taxes (Import and Industrialization Taxes) or even a mix of local and imported components.

Returnable Packaging Cleaning (KLT)

Extreme has a cleaning machine with capacity to clean 80.000 units per month. The machine has closed water circulation system, which does not hazard the environment, the waste is collected by a company certified by CETESB.

Quality Services

Extreme has a metrology lab and certified inspectors to accomplish sorting and inspections of parts. Extreme together with Argos support local and international companies on quality demands in Brazil, USA, Europe and Asia.

PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)

Extreme has a mechanical shop and mechanics specialized to make pre delivery inspections of machines and equipment. The shop is equipped with several tools able to accomplish mechanical, painting and electrical services.

Business Expansion

Extreme together with Argos, sister company, offer solutions to international and local companies to establish in Guarulhos – SP, including the following services:

  • Office space to establish a local branch
  • Import services via SP, PR and SC states
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
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