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Freight / Loading, Unloading & Lifting

Road Freight

Extreme has its own trucks and also partners to offer road freights with:

  • Pick-up truck (capacity up to 1 ton)
  • Van (capacity up to 3 ton)
  • Delivery Truck (capacity up to 6 ton)
  • Truck (capacity up to 13 ton)
  • Trailer Truck (capacity up to 28 ton)

The truck models are sider, box and dry, depending on customers’ needs. All trucks are equipped with satellite tracking system, communication by radio and managed by TMS Totvs.

Loading, Unloading & Lifting

Extreme provides services of technical lifting, loading and unloading using Munk trucks with capacity of 13 ton and cranes that are able to lift up to 30 ton.

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